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How does it work?

  • You fill an Excel file with your pedagogical structure (themes & chapters) and exercises
  • You  write  “What you need to know?” memos for each chapters (courses summaries)
  • You draw your app icon (we can do that for you if you prefer)
  • We  integrate your content in an app
  • You test it
  • When you are happy with what you get, we publish the app on the App Store on your behalf
  • You are granted access to a Apple panel where you can monitor your daily sales, change your app’s price and set up promotions. Marketing is all yours!
  • We pay you 20% on each sale How could we possibly use these in Education?  Hopefully, with a bit of help from some iPod savvy educational enthusiasts we will find out. So please feel free to add to the discussion.

More Resources

iPad Opens World to a Disabled Boy from the New York Times

40 Apps you will Love from Librarians

MyApps, As part of the iPad for Learning Trial, these apps will be explored to determine their teaching and learning potential. In addition, the Trial will investigate accessibility in a range of learning environments

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