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As Wes Fryer puts it “Scrooge has moved into Silicon Valley,” he sure is, and I bet it is a multimillion dollar house!  I am dependent on delicious for my bookmarks and have been for some time.  I teach the use of it in all my classes and share delicious in all the professional development workshops.  Not sure what I will do now.  But, Alec Couros has created an open, shared Google Doc for brainstorming “Alternatives to Delicious.” The current collaboration on the document is fast and furious, especially considering this has just been announced.  I am wondering when it will actually go away.  I, like many of you need to find another solution, although I have to admit, I would actually pay a small fee to use it.

Additional Information

Larry  Ferlazzo’s The Best Sites For Figuring Out What To Do If Delicious Shuts Down

Delicious Shutting Down: How To Save Your Bookmarks

10 Alternatives To Bookmarking

Delicious Shutting Down: Yahoo’s Decision Irks Twitterers

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