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How schools are using iPads

In addtion to these listed below, I also have a pretty extensive list of resources on my website.  Last semester my honors class all had ipads and we explored their use in the classrooms, my ipad resource link page is full of things we found.  Additionally, this blog has a category for iPad just click on the iPad link at the top  I know there are lots of teachers out there trying to convince somebody in their district about iPads or write a grant for iPads.  Maybe some of these resources will help you plead your case.  I sure would love to have a classroom set or if I really had my way, I think I would require all our students in the college of education to have an iPad.  I always dream big!

If you have other links/resources that should be added to this list, please submit a comment below with your resources and I will update this post with your suggestions or do another post with your submissions.

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