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Larry Ferlazzo, an amazing high school teacher in Sacramento, CA.  His blog Websites of the Day , really hits the nail on the head. And I’d say I agree, Bill Gates is clueless on this topic for sure.

Every education needs to read this post today.  Wow!

“It’s truly amazing to me that a person as smart as Bill Gates can be as clueless as he is about education. It appears that the Arrogance Of Bill Gates is going to be a running series in this blog. Today, he really out-did himself in The Washington Post.

My Teacher Leaders Network colleague Kenneth Bernstein has already offered an eloquent response, so I’m not going to write a lengthy post here. (Stephen Krashen has also posted a response).”

I would, however, like to point out a few things. CLICK HERE to read Larry’s comments.

And here is an article by Gary Stager: Who elected Bill Gates:


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