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This is a great site from the Canby Schools, OR.  If you are considering using iPods or iPads in your classroom, this is worth your time to explore.  Seems to me they have it figured out and we can all benefit!!  Sometimes we make our jobs a teachers so much harder than they need to be.  If we just work together, have PLN’s and learn from, as well as, use what others have done, we could accomplish so much more.  Much of the time there is no need to start from scratch. I encourage you to check this out if you are even remotely thinking about the idea of using iPads and iPods in your classroom.

We welcome you to our wiki and blog for supporting iPod & iPad devices in education. Although our focus is K-12, many of the techniques should work for you at any level and with any number of devices. On the wiki side of this site are the deployment and management articles, and on the blog side, you will find the classroom activities (written primarily by teachers) where iPods are supporting achievement improvement for our students. We are posting as many help and how-to articles here as we can and as quickly as we can so you can continue to be successful using iPod devices in your classroom. Please let us know if there are more or different things that you would like to have included here.

iPad has landed! We are working with our first iPads and will begin to post how-to articles on managing and deploying iPads in classroom or other educational settings.”

To read more and access all the wonderful resources:

They also have a blog with tons of great information about using iPods in the classroom, it includes real examples:

Additional Resources

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  1. I purchased it from Pagelines, in fact just about a week ago. The have about 6 really nice themes. Each theme has numerous capabilities and options. I an just beginning to experiment with the different features. But I like the clean look much better than most fo the free themes I had found and tried.

  2. This is really good site. I have a bunch myself. I really love your design. I know this is off topic but,did you make this theme yourself,or purchase from somewhere? London,UK

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