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Okay, this is just the coolest thing. A friend, Diane Lawrence, told me about this cool thing you could do with a Children’s book (or any book) using QR codes (bar codes) couple weeks ago.  I finally had time to give it a try.  So here is the deal……..

Get a book, one you can find videos or even websites to enhance or go along with the book.

I was at an amazing ESL conference in Iowa recently and purchased the children’s book, On the Same Day in March; A Tour of the World’s Weather, by Marillyn Singer, illustrated by Frane’ Lessac.

Her is what to do………..

1. Find a video that goes with something in the book.

2. In my book the first page is about Polar Bears in the Arctic. So, I found a video about Polar Bears from the Discovery Channel. By the way, I would dig around more and find something WITHOUT ads to use in my classroom.  But this worked for now.

3. Open the Kaywa QR code Generator

4. Paste in the URL for the video





5. Click the Generate button

6. It will make the QR code.

7. Now print that code and put it on the corresponding page in the book.

8. Get out your iPod Touch or iPad, install a FREE QR Code Reader.  I used the one by TapMedia and it seems to work just fine, but there seem to be tons of them, so there may be a better one.

9. When the child reads the page in the book, he will use the QR Reader on the iPod Touch or iPad.  It scans the code and takes the child right to the video.

How cool is that! I am going to be making a book for each of my grand kids.  Wow, is this going to be fun.

Think about those struggling readers, or how you could really turn a kid onto to a subject this way.  What about for Vocabulary. Interactive books are the future for sure and this is a way you could make about any book interactive. Give it a try.

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54 Responses to Turn a paper based book into an interactive book with QR Codes

  1. Rocky says:

    Thank you for your help!

  2. I agree, the possibilities are endless.

  3. welder says:

    Yesterday I participated in a QR code treasure hunt as part of an IT expo at a local university. The best part was that my kids were learning about the data that can be embedded in these strange patterns. There is a plethora of applications and a book is top idea.

  4. That could be a good way to save books as a whole. A blend with technology could help keep them around I know personally I’m a big reader of books but kids today are like what’s a book?

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