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I have written a couple of posts about QR codes in the past, Turn a paper based book into an interactive book with QR Codes and QR Treasure Hunt Generator! Get students using their mobile devices to move and to learn as well as teaching about them all summer in my class and workshops.  Clearly, they are the new trend.  I do believe they are catching on because they are so darn easy to create and make everything easier for teachers and our students.

For example, I had a two of amazing teachers, Susan Gronquist & Sara Alderman from Alma (KS) Elementary take my undergraduate technology class this summer, just for the sake of learning! I really wish I could import a couple of teachers into every class.  It really added a richness to our work & discussions in my preservice teachers technology class this summer.

For example, when we reached the QR Code thing in class this summer, Susan brought a box of books from her classroom and my students helped gather resources and make the QR Codes for those books, now she has about 30+ books with rich resources to use with her kiddos this fall.  And Sara sent a letter home to her kindergartners & parents explaining QR Codes and that she would have a couple on each weeks’ newsletter for them to explore.

Here is an article by Kelly Turner about using QR Codes in Social Studies, although every idea is applicable in any classroom or grade level.  Check out her article and see all the ways you could be using QR codes in your classroom.

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