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Demibooks® Composer is the first iPad-based authoring software for creating interactive books. If you’re an author, illustrator, designer or publisher, and you’ve got a story to tell – then this app is for you! Composer is affordable, versatile and incredibly easy-to-use.

Create your own book apps with realistic physics, animation, sounds and visual effects. Share your stories with your friends via Composer or use our PrintShop web service to publish your book app back to the App Store!

Demibooks Composer allows you to harness the touch functionality of the iPad, and bring those features to your book app designs. Composer offers designers and authors a full set of tools and options for building interactive content, without requiring any programming.

Easy steps to create interactive books:
1. Select a Portrait or Landscape book
2. Import images and audio assets from your computer or use photos from your iPad
3. Add text and basic styles
4. Create frame based animations
5. Build pages
6. Add a navigation system
7. Add complex behaviors using the Effects Editor
8. Add and edit audio – music, effects and speech
9. Preview your changes in Composer
10. Export and save your work via Dropbox or iTunes
11. Share your work with your friends who also have Composer
12. Publish your book to the App Store via our PrintShop web service

Creative Book Builder

Creative Book Builder enables everyone to create, edit and publish ebooks in a few minutes on the go. All published ebooks can be read by any ePub reader including iBooks. Everyone is publisher now!

Creative Book Builder can import document from Google Docs and parse HTML output into chapter.


  • Create unlimited number of chapters
  • Add title, description, images, videos, audio recording, music, links, and lists
  • Sort your content’s ordering within a chapter
  • Customize your cover image
  • Customize book information including author, title, description, subject, and publisher etc.
  • Organize chapters into different sections
  • Create multiple books
  • Change font, text identation, and alignment
  • Edit content offline
  • Preview book in iBooks
  • Email book
  • Upload book to Dropbox
  • Upload book to Google Docs
  • Upload book to FTP Servers
  • Import document from Google Docs into HTML formatThe format of the book is in EPUB format that includes HTML, javascript, css, jpg, mp4, and m4a, caf.

Book Creator

The simple way to create your own beautiful iBooks, right on the iPad.

Read them in iBooks, send them to your friends, or submit them to the iBookstore.
Ideal for children’s picture books, photo books, art books, cook books, manuals, textbooks, and the list goes on.

★ The no #1 Book app for the iPad in 18 countries
★ “Book Creator makes e-book publishing easy” –
★ One of the Top 50 Apps for the iPad – The Guardian 2011

Watch the video of Book Creator in action and find out more at

eBook Creator

■ ‘eBook Creator’ is the simplest and easiest ebook creation application. Its interface is designed for all ages and skill levels so that young kids are able to make ebooks using the app.

■ You can make good quality ebooks using the functions such as image brightness and contrast adjustment, voice recording, background musics, etc.

■ If you have printed books at home, the books can be transformed into ebooks on iPhone just in minutes. Record your voice reading pages, the app turns pages and play the recordings just like you do the same thing.

■ ‘eBook Creator’ helps yours kids develop good “reading habit”. Furthermore, the kids will get to feel that reading books is pretty enjoyable if they record their own voices.

■ With ‘eBook Creator’, you can make various things such as ebooks, photo albums, kids art albums, scrapbooks, and so on as per your needs.

■ ‘eBook Creator’ gives you various graphical effects and sound clips. For instance, page transition, page frames, and background musics.

■ You can share ebooks, which are made by you, via email. ‘eBook creator’ automatically compresses the ebooks, attaches the files to iPhone email composer, titles subject, and fill in email body. You can just send the email after setting recipients only.

■ ‘eBook Creator’ offers 11 bookcases which are beautifully designed. You can name a bookcase according to your needs.

How to create an ebook is described as follows.

  • Step1> Setting up basic information of the ebook. For example, title, author’s name, book orientation, page transition, page frame, and background music.
  • Step2> Taking pictures of the pages in the book or select images from iPhone Photo album.
  • Step3> Adjust brightness and contrast of each page.
  • Step4> Record your voice reading the book.
  • Final step> Preview.

eBook Magic

eBook Magic: A fun and easy way to make custom photo books and epub books. The first book maker for iPad.

See the demo:

For the first time ever, iPad users now have the ability to easily create and export their own custom photo books directly from their iPad. With eBook Magic’s easy-to-use interface, users can quickly place photos on pages, add text, and share with their friends in minutes.


As soon as you open the app, you’ve already begun to create! eBook Magic was designed to eliminate the hassle of desktop book making, allowing you to easily make custom photo books anywhere – anytime. Just wrapped up your vacation? You can have a custom photo album to share with your friends before you even get off the plane.

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13 Responses to 5 Apps for Creating Interactive Books and ePubs on your iPad

  1. MoMo Willy says:

    Do any of these allow for you to password protect chapters so they have to complete work before moving on?

  2. bren101 says:

    Here’s another tool that can be used to produce interactive stories, that can be viewed both on the web and as native iPhone/iPad apps, and it’s currently free:

  3. Branden Hart says:

    Demibooks works like a bomb – very powerfull, amazing interactions available.

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  9. Doug Holton says:

    Looks like the Jetpack Reader app from Purdue will be another option, too:
    Although it is just a reader app at the moment – the authoring tool will be released next summer.

  10. hope we get an answer, cuz that has happened to me a couple of times too.

  11. eBook Creator is an easy app to use for book or story telling. Can any one tell me why my pictures come in upside down from my albums even when I rotate them in my photo album??
    When I take photos in the app they are oriented the correct way but photos come in upside down when imported???


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