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Last week we released a new annotation feature that allows teachers to make comments and edits on student assignments. We received a number of questions about how this new feature works, so we’ve created this how-to video to help.

Check out the video tutorial, CLICK HERE

I’ll admit it, I have not used Edmodoo enough, I know enough to be dangerous.  I keep reading and seeing all the wonderful rich educational ways Edmodo is being used in the classroom.  Recently I was observing out Block 1 pre-service teachers in Junction City and the classroom teacher was using Edmodo with her class.  I had not introduced my pre-service teachers to it.  When I walked in the room for observation, I sorta panicked thinking, oh my, they don’t know about Edmodo, but to my delight, they jumped right in and figured it on on the fly, even letting the middle schoolers show them how to use Edmodo.  Edmodo is kinda Facebook like, so these college students had no problems.  It does serve a different purpose than Facebook, and does a ton more things, but the interface is similar.

So I am SOLD! I will be using Edmodo in class next semester!  Have yet to nail down exactly how, but, I will be using it in my Education Technology for Teaching and Learning classes.  What is that class, well, it is the technology integration class that ALL education majors take.  I have approximately 150 elementary and secondary majors each semester. Basically the class is getting these pre-service teachers up to speed with using and integrating technology in their future classrooms.

Sadly, they are not as skilled with technology as you might think.  Experts with Facebook and playing on the internet, but not so much when it comes to multimedia and really using the internet productively!!  I am always surprised, yes every semester it surprises me, how many students say, they “are not good at technology.”  That phase even surprises me!!

In fact, my first day of class survey said:

And at the end of the semester, apparently, I am making a bit of progress



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