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Remix a fairytale:  Remix lets you change a story!  Have a go and see if you can make a silly fairytale.  Will your story be even better?  Have fun!

Fro Teachers:

These well-loved and widely known fairytales are ideal for introducing young children to the power and excitement of stories. The language is simple and repetitive, and the humorous, detailed illustrations will draw children into the tales and hold their attention.

Story work with Read it yourself will enable you to address the early learning goals of attentive listening, confident response to stories, vocabulary extension, and understanding.  Also, we know that children who love stories will come to love reading, making them satisfied and confident young readers.

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  1. […] There was a lot of information about technology and how teachers can use it in their classrooms. What I found interesting was the blog about “Remix a Fairytale”. This is about how students can build up confidence with their reading skills by having fun “remaking” a story. They can create different themes for their stories. This creates an inviting way to have fun while reading. […]

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