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I have to say, I am with Glen on this one, I have not read the books and I have not seen the movie, but all the publicity, sure makes me think I need to read the books before I see the movie.

by Glen Weibe

I haven’t read it.

I have seen it.

It seems like everyone I talk to has read The Hunger Games trilogy. Everyone I talk to tells me that I have to read it. Probably won’t happen. (I told my daughter that when she reads Stephen Ambrose’s Band of Brothers, I’ll read The Hunger Games.)

So I have heard all about Katniss and District 12 and Peeta and . . . well, pretty much all of it. I also spent almost three hours last Friday night watching the movie. So I get it. Great story of courage, loyalty, oppression, and overcoming injustice.

If you are looking for resources, Glen has a great starting place, CLICK HERE

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