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Small Dog MAC TREAT #183: Swiped    By Kali Hilke

There are a lot of things I love about the Magic Mouse and Multi-Touch gestures in general, such as their ability to make a seemingly simple item—a mouse or a trackpad—much more sophisticated. As we know from many years of Apple history, simple doesn’t have to mean lacking, and often conceals some very complex thought and engineering in order to create ease for the user.

All of that said, there are sometimes features that Apple devices are capable of that I wish they just…weren’t. (Remember ‘natural’ scrolling? I still can’t get on board with that one on my desktop.)

With every new OS release, there are hundreds of new things that it can do, and there’s one in particular that I find more annoying than not—swiping in Safari. I find that I inadvertently make the swiping gesture and end up on a different web page than I want. If this has happened to you, try this:

Go to System Preferences > Mouse and click on “More Gestures”
Uncheck “Swipe between pages” or select an option from the drop down that’s a better fit. (For the record, I changed it to “Swipe left or right with two fingers” because that dramatically limits the chances that I’d do it accidentally.)

Okay, I have to say I totally agree, the swipe thing had been driving me crazy.  I love that Apple gives us options to customize our Mac to our own working style.

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