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FluencyFinder iPad app $6.99 for Reading assessment in grades 1-5.

Get Results Right Away

Whether you’re a teacher, home schooler, active player in your student’s education — or anyone involved in assessing student reading skills — FluencyFinder is the powerful, time-saving app for your teaching arsenal. Lose the paper and pencil. Toss the timer and calculator. Say goodbye to the time-consuming manual labor required for fluency assessments — recording results, maintaining records, sharing information.

Designed By a Teacher

Designed by a fourth grade teacher frustrated with the many hours required for student reading evaluations, FluencyFinder makes it quick and easy to assess fluency for 1st – 5th grade reading levels. No watching the timer or writing down mistakes! No calculating and recording results!

Saves You Time

No more counting words and mistakes or clocking reading time. FluencyFinder does it all for you, accurately and efficiently — so you spend more time on what really matters – making your student a better reader!

Focus On What Matters

FluencyFinder does all the work and stores it all on your iPhone or iPad. So you can focus on what counts — listening and assessing your student’s reading fluency, expression, and comprehension.

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