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by Larry Ferlazzo

I was recently asked to speak at a Webinar for several teachers who write for The Center For Teaching Quality’s great blog, transformEd. The topic was on building an audience for your blog, and I thought I’d share a few points I made that readers here might, or might not, find helpful:

* Write for yourself, not for others.

I always write for myself first — in several ways:

  • organizing resources so I can find them when needed
  • thinking through lessons and getting helpful reader feedback
  • writing about education policy issues to help me better articulate what I think
  • letting people know about my books
  • writing about what I learn from my students, so they can see the impact they have on me
  • developing a blogging presence has helped create many other opportunities for me, including invitations to write books, write for other publications, and to participate in more substantial policy discussions in union work and in state legislative discussions.

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