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Sam Gliksman just announced that “iPads in Education’s” new book that’s going to be released in December. It’s part of the very successful Dummies series of books. You can find the pre-release link on the Apple Bookstore  and various national bookseller sites including

He is wrapping up the final couple of chapters after a long summer of writing and wanted to include some of the wonderful lessons that many of you have built around the use of iPads.

If you have some unique lessons that showcase iPads being used as tools within the context of a larger project, then Sam would love to hear from you. He is not looking for more apps. He is looking for unique “applications” of iPad use. Naturally that will include the use of apps but the objectives and process should extend beyond the app itself.

Specifically, here are the two areas that he would like to include lesson examples:

1. The Math and Science Classroom
Showcasing how iPads can be used as part of a student centered learning process. Examples could include Science research projects or exploration of a principle in Math. The emphasis is on discovery based learning processes rather than content delivery.

2. Model Lessons Plans
Examples of innovative iPad use that highlight 21st century learning objectives such as collaboration, creativity, communication, multimedia literacy and more.

These are the sorts of lessons that are both educational and get kids jumping up in the morning excited about going to school. In general, that’s what the book is about. The book isn’t a technical how-to guide (although it contains those sections as well). Instead I’m hoping it provides some clarity on how to use technology to address contemporary educational needs while motivating children to explore and learn.

Sam’s  deadline is next Monday (Oct. 8)!  If you’ve come up with any unique ideas and applications and want others to hear about it then please drop Sam an email ASAP. Of course, you’ll get full full credit in the book. He’dlove to offer fame and fortune as well … but we work in education!

Sam Gliksman
[email protected]
Twitter: @samgliksman

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