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Sorry for the TYPOS, these are notes during the presentations.

Tony Wagner, New book , Creating Innovations.

The problem is not more iPads, the problem is our education system is obsolete. It need to be re-invented.  From one-room to factory model schools, now we must re-invent education.

Why re-invent?

1. the rapid access to knowledge, changing constantly, available for free

2. Work is changing profoundly.  Routine and semi skilled worked is changing.  The nature of work is non routine and non skilled.

The world no longs cars how much you know, it cares what you can do with what you know.

You had to go to school to get the knowledge, now you don’t…..

The World is Flat.  One thing wrong, the pace of change is more rapid that in the book.

Everybody critical thinking, asking the right questions, asking good questions.

School is too much about the right answers.

Adaptable, appreciate difference, led by peers with influence.

3. Agility and adaptability: in the work place and as citizens.

4. Initiative and entrepreneurs

5. Effective written sand oral communication, cannot write becasue they don;t know how to think.  They do not know how to write with voice and put in their passion.

6. access and analyze information

7. Curiosity

A whole new Mind: Daniel Pink

Global Achievement Gap (Tony Wagner) between skill and student achievement

Testing test us absolutely nothing

Collapse of global economy, and college students not getting jobs.  We have been telling kids they all need to be college ready and college grads. 1/3  College grads are mot more skilled

Chesk into Olin College:  very innovative place!

Academic Adrift Book

More than 70% of our economy is based on consumer spending.

How do we reduce our dependency on this economy.

Innovation is the solution!

What to Bill Gates, Mark Zukerberg, and ????? have in common, Harvard dropouts/innovators

Critical differences to develop innovations.

Teachers were outliers for students who are successful.

Culture of school, the past, is radically at odds with our future.

Innovation is a team, they value innovation

Learning to become an innovator is study from multidisciplinary

Currently, the higher you go is a passive experience.  It needs to be about creating and not consuming.

Currently school penalizes failure, bu contrast it is all about learning to take risk, make mistakes and learn from them.  Fail early and fail often, there is no innovation without trial and error.

Iteration:  The idea of mistakes, learning and applying what you learned.

Young innovators are intrinsically motivated, grades, money for reward, not good.

Discovery based play, lest toys, less batteries, power down.  Kids have to get bored to learn how to be creative, sense of play.

There should be Element of Whimsey in every assignment.

Find your passion

Built time into assignment for students to explore and find and innovate and ask!!

Summarize Challenges:  1. engage in R & D. PD money needs to be used in different ways to create new ways of interactive ways of teaching and learning.  R & D in schools and teaching.  Try new things without fear of failure. 2.  Assessment is broken! Every student should start kindergarten with digital portfolio.  evidence of creativity, show mastery,

merit badge approach. You don;t study the history of building the camp fire, you have to prove you can build one!!  digital portfolios

Teachers need portfolios, what is the teacher work?

Kaiser family foundation study of kids and technology.

It appears as though technology is addictive!  We must bring them in, but also need to teach kids how to NOW multitask.  We have to understand when they should and should not use them.

COOL IPAD CASE I JUST SAW: Portenzo iPad cases:

SAT and AP classes are not good predictors for college and learning.

Without trust and respect there is no learning and innovation.  This is essential.

If you cannot ENGAGE YOU STUDENTS……  you will not succeed as a teacher.

Accountability 1.0 tells us nothing, now we need Accountability 2.0.  School boards, you take the test and tell me what it tells you.  How do you make critical decision in business, it is not through multiple choice test that you get promoted.

How do you get teachers to be innovators, and not just teach to the test.  R & D!!  Create a culture of creativity and innovative, what does critical thinking look like in the classroom.  Collaborative thinking!  Read Tony’s new book, Creating Innovations.

Kids need to be risk takers

Replace term from data drive to evidence based. Apply and think.

Finland, By professionalizing teachers, teaching them as professionals, 600 hours a year in the classroom, NO testing, 1 matriculation test at the end.  In 10th grade they choose academic OR Technical career.

Engage kids emotionally and intellectually first, only then will they be motivated.

The Google rule, 1 day a week permission to play and work on any project of you choice each week.  Tony wants to see 20% of the time devoted to “play” once a week in school.

Publishers to embed QR codes in books.

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