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This wiki is a rich site of information.

A tool for Creativity.  The 4th grade teacher said the 4th grade classroom was 1:1 Netbook previous and she mentioned that is was a toot for consumption and the iPad is proving to be a tool of creativity and more.

They are now encourage risk taking.  She said the technology of the netbook seemed to get in the way and that is not the case with the iPad.  The process is so much more rich.

Students are now sharing ideas and in control of their learning.

They give students and expectation for an outcome and the kids find a why to make it happen.

They want the curiosity, collaboration and conversations.  Problem solving.  They teach each other.

They use Haiku as therir management system.

What does great Teaching with the iPads?  They use the SAMR model.

Substitution:  the gateway in, starting to say what are the learning goals and does the iPad support them?  Feels easy, you still do the curriculum you are comfortable with, but the kids curiosity leads you into the other levels.  Learning goals begin to change.

Augmentation:  substitution but takes it to another level.  Like Book Creator.

Modification: For example: using images to build a story, understand how narration works in comics, composing a framework, task re-design

Re-definition: the final frontier.  Takes that were nearly impossible before are now easy, tell a story in a different way.  Now instead of single projects, it becomes collaborative, but they still have to research.  The collaboration piece focuses on the different kids skills and takes advantage of them. Redefining the project.

Creating memories!

A tool for Assessment, the iPad

They use Evernote a folder for each kid and shared. no paper, can record voices, type, take pictures, great way to keep track of the daily life of your classroom.

They are trying to create a cultural of thinking, even in Kindergarten.  Let kids document their own works, see the record of their thinking,  They begin to recognize when they are doing good thinking. Helps student to be able to reflect and give feedback (feed forward).  Stop in the middle and do Feed Forward.

Trying to make your thinking visible.  Kindergartens document their thinking. Kids begin a digital portfolio beginning in kindergarten.

iStop Motion app to document a day in the life of Kindergarten.  Another way to tell the story and document.

When the iPad the right Tool?  You can’t just jam it into the lesson, use it when it is appropriate.  think carefully!  it does not have to be used all day, every day…….

Another piece of the classroom management is proper care, protecting and charging, kids have to take responsibility.

“Fingers on the bottom, thumbs on top, that way the iPad doesn’t drop”

Learn to manage the chaos that comes with technology in the classroom.  Their are lots of opportunities to problem solve.  This is good for kids.

iPads can lead the way:  iPads can offer teachers unique opportunities….immediate and individualized feedback.  Feedback is immediate, interacting with classmates and the idea that you can do it over and over until you get it the way you want……  Problem-solving challenges Teachers are hearing better vocabulary, for example plastic tannagrams.  In the app they will discuss it, and say rotate, flip, turn it 90 degrees.  with the plastic one, there is less conversation and less vocabulary.

Practice, struggle, try again, kids seems to be more willing.

A tool that challenges our thinking, Guided exploration, let the kids figure it our. Ask 3 friends then share.  Let the kids figure it out.

Teachers have to learn to step back and let the chaos happen and take place.

What they are doing is changing, step make and allow them to do the mash-up and not get in their way.

As teachers we have to stretch.  Many learning modalities.

A Healthy relationship with Apps.  It is not all about the Apps, it is about the learning. Have an app section process with criteria.  We what it do do something better than we could do it.Look for apps that have setting features.  Look for apps that are not so congratulatory. Look for apps that push the ceiling off creativity. Apps that articulate thinking

Apps can help us individualize the learning for each student.

Letter School for Handwriting. $2.99

Strip Designer

iStop Motion

Book Creator

Be willing to let apps go

Encourage mash-up, mixing and matching of apps to create amazing projects.

Be willing to contact the app designer.  Make suggestions!!

Set up Checks & Balances: Evaluation and reflection as a team…..Blogging for everyone….………




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