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Wow am I honored to have been featured on Cat Flippen‘s blog,  Ctrl+Alt+Teach! Rebooting Education with Digitization blog, This story first ran on Feb. 26.  I requested permission to re-post on my blog since it was about my class and my students.

I am speechless, which is quite odd for me!!

I recently received several pingbacks to a number of posts in Ctrl+Alt+Teach. As I am always looking to learn from others, I make an effort to visit the page of every pingback I receive. I was surprised and thrilled to find that six of the pingbacks came from reflection post assignments for the “Technology for Teaching and Learning” course at the Kansas State University College of Education, which is a prime example of a teacher ed tech class that is blogging as a means of learning and sharing.

After a quick Google search, I came across the Wiki for the course, which is incredibly detailed and organized and is almost fully available to the public.  Cyndi Danner-Kuhn (@cyndidannerkuhn), the professor whose website The Ed Tech Place is a must-visit that is full of useful information, not only requires that her students develop their own blogs, but also has a terrific blog herself: Technology Bits, Bites and Nibbles.

According to the DED 318 syllabus, “Technology for Teaching and Learning” is a required course for teacher candidates, including undergraduates. That fact along with the many topics and activities in which the students must learn, participate, and create made me excited to see such a great introductory course for instructional technology beyond just Powerpoint and incorporating social media for PLN building. The course also introduces some essential educational technology tools such as VoiceThread, Google Apps, QR Codes, Creative Commons, screencasting, and response systems that I firmly believe will empower the future teachers in this course to be ahead of the curve when they enter the classroom.










Many teacher colleges in the country have yet to make this leap, so I applaud Kansas State and @cyndidannerkuhn for this amazing course, especially in their undergrad teacher program. I am personally encouraged to see teacher colleges embracing the realities of the digital educational revolution!

So, I would love to surprise these teacher-students with some traffic to their blogs! If you have a moment, please visit the following (unfortunately, comments are turned off for their blogs):

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