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My friend, Dr. Wesley Fryer, Moving at the Speed of Creativity, invited me to participate in an blended learning course he is doing with teachers in Montana.  Currently, I am using his book first eBook Playing with Media in my college class.

Fryer’s new book, which is in progress Mapping Media to the Common Core is the focus of the course.  He is teaching a course to 32 Montana Teachers using Edmodo, Subtext, and more.

So why is this so cool?  As teachers everywhere are struggling to create QUALITY online learning, I think Wesley has found a viable option through Subtext (

Subtext is a free iPad app that allows classroom groups to exchange ideas in the pages of digital texts. You can also layer in enrichment materials, assignments and quizzes—opening up almost limitless opportunities to engage students and foster analysis and writing skills.

Subtext seems like a great way to do a book study.  Part of every teachers problems is squeezing in meetings and stuff.  For example, we have a wonderful book study going on in the College of Education right now and I cannot participate because it overlaps my class.  If the book was available in eBook format (not sure if it is), this could be taking place both face-to-face and through Subtext.  Wow, what a concept.




















I have to admit that I had added the free Subtext app to my iPad some time ago, but had not used.  In a nutshell, add your digital book  or document to Subtext, and you can read and discuss it all in one place.

I have read the first chapter of Mapping Media to the Common Core.  I found it very easy it load the digital book into Subtext and then read, click on links, watch the example videos, etc.   Exciting to see the comments of others as I read and have the ability to add my own thoughts to the discussion.  Just seems like a powerful tool.

I can see the usefulness of Subtext on the iPad.  Now, if all my students had an iPad I would be all set. I do have one section of my class that is iPads only, so I will be showing Subtext to them next week.

Check out the Why Subtext page for more details

And you can even save articles from the web to Subtext. This has real possibilities for course content.

I love the timeline  feature that  shows the participation.  Now, I could really see if a student had read and discussed instead of just hoping they read the article. or chapter



It also works with Edmodo! I am also using Edmodo in my class, and the fact that Subtext integrates with Edmodo, makes it even better. Oh, the possibilities!


It is FREE, why not give it a try.


iTunes Link:

Thanks Wesley for including me and sharing.  You ROCK!

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4 Responses to Subtext: Interactive App to Turn Any Book or Document into a Digital Classroom.

  1. Heidi Perry says:

    Hi David and Cyndi, I work with Subtext. Yes, we hear you and we know! We are a pretty small team and working on PDF support, a web reader and android version now. The UK/Canadian/Australian app store versions are all high on our list. The complexity isn’t actually with making it avail in the app store, it’s making sure that our integration with Google Books works in each country. Most of our developers are in Australia so they’d like to see it there too!

    Thanks for your patience… Heidi

  2. Cyndi Danner-Kuhn says:

    wow, sorry to hear that, you make a good point, hopefully they will listen.

  3. David Terron says:

    Yet another app not available in the UK iTunes store…sigh….Dear Apple and/or app creators: .You DO know that you’re (a) annoying a large English speaking market and (b) continuing the myth that Yanks don’t care about anything outside the US… sigh

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