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How to integrate Bloom’s Taxonomy of apps into the classroom: Bloom’s Taxonomy is by no means the best or only way to categorize websites, apps or other educational tools.  However, I often find that for my purposes, it is a really nice way to organize tools so that I can find them later.  It also keeps me (and my students) thinking about the learning process and keeps us all from getting stuck in a one-type-of-learning rut.  Bloom’s is also extraordinarily handy for categorizing apps that don’t fit neatly into a subject matter or that fall into several different subject categories.

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by Larry Ferlazzo

Do Students Think Learning About Bloom’s Taxonomy Is Useful?
“Over the past week, I’ve been sharing lessons we’ve been doing with students on Bloom’s Taxonomy, as well as studies and ideas on the general idea of helping students reflect on if what they are learning in school is relevant to their lives (see Why Is It Important For Students To Learn About Bloom’s Taxonomy? and “Relevance” & Student Learning).

Today, students began to post on our class blog short responses to the question:

“Is it important to to learn about Bloom’s Taxonomy?”

You can see the first twenty or so responses here, including a couple of Fotobabbles.

The vast majority there are positive, though there are one or two students who answered negatively.”

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