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Cloud storage of files is one of my favorite aspects of the modern Internet. Cloud storage services make it easy to access all of my important files from any computer and most mobile devices. And for students cloud storage eliminates the I forgot my flashdrive excuse for not having an assignment ready for class.

The potential problem with cloud storage, and any other online service for that matter, is having your account compromised. One way to make it more difficult for your account to be compromised is to enable two-step authentication.

Two-step authentication for a Google account requires entering a verification code that Google sends to your cell phone. Click here for directions or watch this video to learn more.
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In addition to using DropBox to sync files between your Macs, you can also use it to share files with friends. You can make a file public and provide your friends with a link to it. You can also share a folder between friends with DropBox accounts. There is even a special photo galleries folder that will allow you to share photos easily.

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Ever wish you could email files to your Dropbox? Yeah, me too. So I wrote an application to do just that! It’s free, fast, secure and super simple too. All you have to do is connect with Dropbox, get your unique email address, and start sending files! After a few minutes they will automatically appear in your “Attachments” folder. We have some great features too, like automatic archive unzipping, folder organization, and plain text and html message copying, with more on the way! So what are you waiting for?

Connect to Dropbox

By connecting to Dropbox, you are accepting our legal terms and agree to not use Send to Dropbox to transfer anything illegal or malicious.

This is provided as a free service. If you like and it and think its worth something, send me a donation, my servers run on dollars.


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AppStorm has a great article and How-to for getting the most outta DropBox.I use dropbox, but had no idea I could do all this.  Check it out.

“So, its been a few of months now since the Dropbox dev team released an iPad version of the hugely popular Dropbox app, but what does this mean for iPad users?
It’s a cloud backup service, isn’t it? Shouldn’t you just sit tight and wait for iOS 5′s iCloud service? Well, in a word, no. I’m going to show you how to make this little gem of an app sing, dance, and do other cool stuff. You will begin to think differently about Dropbox, how you use it, and what untapped potential it has. Would you like to:

  • Break out of the 1GB local favourite storage limit?
  • Keep persistent copies of books, photos and music, even when you empty your Dropbox?
  • Download music and films remotely, using only the iPad?
  • Work in a new way to break out of the 2GB total free space limitation?
  • Run scripts remotely?”

Let’s take a closer look…CLICK HERE

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I seem to be talking about Dropbox a bunch lately.  I think it is because of my iPad, which I love by the way.  But moving files around took a work around and Drobbox seems to be my method of choice. It is just darn useful and I sure wish I had discovered a much sooner.  If you haven’t given Dropbox a try yet, you really need to download it on each of your devices (computer, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, etc).  I have pretty much eliminated flash drives and emailig documents to myself so I can open on a different device. Just darn handy. Mashable/Tech has a good article on some other ways you could use it too.

by Charlie White 5 Unusual Ways to Use Dropbox You Might Not Have Thought Of

Dropbox has just been upgraded to version 1.0, so we thought we’d take a look at some great ways to use it that might not have occurred to you.

A free Dropbox account allows users to store up to 2GB worth of files and access them from any other Linux, Mac or Windows machine running the Dropbox application. Or, those files can be accessed from any browser.

In fact, the new 1.0 version of Dropbox is so tremendously useful, I decided to invest the $9.99 per month to increase its capacity to 50GB. Dropbox can perform some slick tricks. Here are my five favorite examples, CHECK THEM OUT

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I have mentioned Dropbox before and seem to get quite a few questions so dicided a How-To might be in order.

Dropbox allows you to back up your work, sync files as well as share files online. If you work on more than one computer, or have a iPad. Using Dropbox means it doesn’t matter what computer you’re on, you’ll be able to access your files. Dropbox is a program download and installed on your computer. Put your files into your Dropbox folder on one computer, and they’ll be instantly available on any of your other computers or iPad.  Make sure you install Dropbox on each device. And even better, files can be accessed from any computer or mobile device using the Dropbox website.  Just login to your account.

I use Dropbox because:

  • Free for a 2GB storage limit which has been plenty for me so far, of course, you can buy more space–50GB is $9.99/month and 100GB is $19.99/month.
  • it works on Macs, PC’s, Linux, iPod, iPad and several others. So pretty much everything.
  • Use for sharing files, syncing files or backing up files.
  • Very convenient – much easier than emailing yourself files or saving them on a USB drive.
  • Dropbox saves me tons of time and frustration and documents are secure.
  • It even allows for collaboration and sharing.
  • You can go back in time to un-delete or undo changes to files.
  • There is a good step-by-step getting started guide on the website.

How to Use Dropbox

  1. To get started:, watch a short video that clearly explains what Dropbox is all about. If you want more information about Dropbox before you download it, check out the tour section of the website. This is well worth a look as it explains exactly what Dropbox is all about and how to use it.
  2. Click on “Download Dropbox”. You will be provided with very easy to follow steps on how to download Dropbox onto your computer. 
  3. Once Dropbox is installed, you will be directed to the “Getting Started” page.  Complete the six steps to start using Dropbox. If you complete at least five of the steps you will be rewarded with an extra 250MB of storage space. If you refer a friend, you and your friend will both receive an extra 250MB storage space.  Good deal!!
  4. Putting files in your Dropbox to share them with someone or work on them from another computer is quite easy.  Dropbox is simply a folder in “My Documents” on your computer. Just drag your documents into the Dropbox folder, simple as that!
  5. Dropbox has an better than average help section,

How can you use Dropbox?

  • Start working on a document, save the document to your Dropbox to finish working on it later on a different computer or iPad.
  • Share files with colleagues.
  • Students could submit their assignments using Dropbox or work on group assignments by sharing their files through Dropbox.
  • Dropbox is also good way to share files that are too large to email.