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Here at MUO, it’s clear that we absolutely love Google Earth. What’s not to love? You’ve got the awesome Google Earth games and stunning 3d imagery that Saikat reviewed for us. And of course an awesome weather layer and a flight simulator to boot.

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Richard Byrne of Free Technology for Teachers does it again, wow he is am amazing teacher.

Explore our US Presidents on a Map

“Monday is President’s Day in the United States. In celebration of that day, Google has published a new kmz file containing images and links to information about each former President of the United States. You can download the file and launch it in Google Earth or view it here using the Google Earth browser plug-in. The file shows where each president was from, offers an image of each president, provides a link to more information about each president, and shows how many states were in the Union when each president was elected.”

Google also offers suggestions for using Google Earth on President’s Day. Check out their ideas below:

Richard has also created an excellent Google Earth Across the Curriculum eBook.

Download Google Earth, it is FREE.

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One of the best features of Google Earth is the ability to create your own tours that can either be presented step-by-step or can be recorded with voice narration as a self-playing movie. You have total control of where the points are and at the zoom depth and angle you would like your viewers to see. You also have the ability to customize the “bubble” that opens up when you click on your points. Check out the helpful resources below to learn more about how to both create your own tours and how to use and add elements to tours that are already created.

Table of Contents

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Google Treks is the work of Dr. Alice Christie.  The site creates Treks using Google Maps.  The Treks are broken down by subject matter and grade level.  There is also a section for student created Treks.  On the front page you will find a link to a video tutorial, Creating Google Trek Curricular Units, and a tutorial for using Google Maps.  If you create a Google Trek, Dr. Alice suggest that you use the appropriate rubric before submitting them to be shared on the website.  The site is still growing, but there are several good examples.  What a great real world application of Google Maps.

GoogleTreks™ is organized by subject matter:

  • Science
  • Matematics
  • Social Studies
  • Language Arts,
  • Other curricular areas.

GoogleTreks are written for specific age groups:

  • Primary
  • Elementary
  • Middle School
  • High School
  • Adults
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If you don’t have Google Earth on your computer,
visit to download it.

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