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OK, so you have some shiny new iPads at school. One of the first things that many teachers want to do is to be able to hook them up to their Interactive Whiteboards to show whatever is on the screen to a class. It’s a question I get asked a lot on my IWB training courses these days.

There are different ways to do this, and I’ve written about some of these in the past. But here they all are in one handy blog post.
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Combine the benefits of collaborative and personalized learning

The SMART Notebook app for iPad enables students to open their own version of a SMART Notebook lesson on their iPad and take it with them, wherever they go. Now students can work with the same SMART Notebook file – individually on their iPad and then collaboratively in class on the SMART Board interactive whiteboard.

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If you have an interactive whiteboard, then you need to check out The TESiboard collection. It is a purpose built library of visual, dynamic, interactive resources.

TESiboard resources are primarily open-ended tools that enable teachers to engage their pupils in a learning dialogue around the resource.  The resources are designed for use by the teacher on their interactive whiteboard but many are also suitable for pupil use, usually responding to a task or challenge set by the teacher.  The TESiboard materials were acquired by TSL Education Limited at the end of November 2009 and as a result of TSL’s current and planned future investment, all these popular resources are available for free.

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Richard Bryne of Free Technology for Teachers shared a new app called, Educreations – Use Your iPad as a Whiteboard and Record a Lesson.

Educreations Interactive Whiteboard App is FREE:  ducreations turns your iPad into a recordable whiteboard. Creating a great video tutorial is as simple as touching, tapping and talking. Explain a math formula… Create an animated lesson… Add commentary to your photos… Diagram a sports play…

With voice recording, realistic digital ink, photo imports, and simple sharing through email, Facebook or Twitter, now you can broadcast your ideas from anywhere.

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I love this post by Royan Lee of  The Spicey Learning Blog, a new discovery via a diigo group.  Last week in my pre-service educators class a student was a bit miffed that we would not be learning how to use a interactive whiteboard.  of course that is difficult to teach when you don’t have access to an interactive whiteboard in the room you are assigned to teach, but, aside for that problem, I an not really overall concerned that I don;t have access. I think they are cool, true, but as this blog post demonstrated, that are other way to accomplish the task.

I love Royan’s graphic…..Evernote + Skitch + mobile = NO MONEY and Interactive whiteboad and documents camera equals at least $2500.  That is a no-brainer in my book. Of course, being the Mac person I am, I absolutely love his disclaimer:

“Disclaimer: What I am about to describe can only really be done on a Mac right now because Skitch is currently unavailable for PC (this is apparently changing soon).”

“This is not an argument measuring the pedagogical value of Interactive White Boards, although it may invariably lead your mind down that road (if you’re interested in that discussion, I suggest you add your two cents to Pernille Ripp‘s great post questioning their merit). Rather, it is about two things few people can argue against:”

I encourage you to read Royan’s post, it is worth you time for sure, especially if you or your district is considering investing tons of $$$$ in equipment that may not be necessary. Read the full story, CLICK HERE

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Sam Gliksman from iPads in Education is posing a great question on his site.  I encourage you to weigh in on this topic. What do you think?

“Whatever your philosophy regarding frontal teaching methods and the uses of Smartboards, there’s no denying two facts:

  1. Smartboards have become extremely popular tools in educational institutions
  2. Smartboards are relatively expensive and eat major portions out of our shrinking school budgets

What if you could create a parallel experience using nothing more than an iPad and a $50 piece of software? One software product with a matching iPad app claims that it can.

Doceri is an iPad app that provides an alternative to interactive whiteboards at a fraction of the cost.  Doceri lets an educator control and annotate on a computer connected to a projector from anywhere in the room.”

Sam tells you how to install the software/app on your computer and iPad and gives a good run down of the features.  I have had the pleasure of seeing Doceri in action at our iPad Users group meeting a few weeks ago. I have to admit I was quite impressed.  And them if I throw in Idea Paint, I wrote about last weekend, my head is spinning with ideas and ways we could use the iPad in the classroom, especially the iPad 2 with all its new features.

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Lisa Nielsen, The Innovative Educator Blog has a new entry on her blog , Gary Stager Finally Shares Why He Thinks Interactive Whiteboards / Smartboards Suck.

This is really an interesting take on this topic.  It seems Interactive Whiteboards, whatever the brand, are all the rage.  I know there sure are a ton of them in schools around my area.  But I don’t really see teachers using them to their full potential.  Everybody agrees they are cool and can do a ton of stuff, but do we really do all that “stuff.”  Gary really hits the nail on the head and this blog entry is very thought provoking.

What caught my attend was this statement from Gary:

“They reinforce the dominance of the front of the room and teacher supremacy. At a time of enormous educational upheaval, technological change, and an increasing gulf between adults and children, it is a bad idea to purchase technology that facilitates the delivery of information and increases the physical distance between teacher and learner.”

If you are considering purchasing an interactive whiteboard of some brand or already have one, you need to read this.

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Try these best practices to better engage students through technology.
byBuzz Garwood

An interactive whiteboard in the hands of a good teacher can have a significant impact on student engagement and achievement. Each interactive whiteboard has its own unique set of features, differing in both cost and design. Regardless of the brand your school has deployed, here are five practical tips you can use to get the most out of your interactive whiteboard.

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