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First, I have to thank Mike Lee for always sharing such wonderful resources at EdShelf.  It is appreciated. Below is the list Mike shared this morning.  If you have not visited EdShelf before You should and I encourage you to create and account and join into the sharing. 
From Mike Lee………

As 2013 draws to a close, here are some of the most popular web-based educational tools that have risen quickly in popularity this past year. You may have heard of some of these. If not, take a look and see if they are relevant to you and your students.

Edtech Pro Tip: For your New Year’s resolution, pick just one edtech tool and commit to integrating it into your curriculum for January and February. Why just one? Because any more would be overwhelming. Why January and February? Because it can take a couple of months to become truly proficient in a new tool. Good luck!

From our kind and generous sponsor:

Wanderful interactive storybooks are the best storybook apps for children at home or in the classroom and make great Christmas gifts! Please check out the FREEstories.
  • Quizlet – A favorite among students and teachers, this flashcard site has since expanded to include quizzes, exercises, and other study aids.
  • ClassDojo – Dealing with behavioral management issues in your classroom? How about a fun incentive system to encourage positive behaviors?
  • instaGrok – Search for educational content across the web and filter it by degree of difficulty. Great for finding materials for your lesson plans.
  • Padlet – Start with a blank online canvas and put anything you want on it – text, images, or video. Create an online poster or interactive visual aid.
  • Blendspace – Want to jazz up your lesson plan? Put together an interactive lesson by dragging & dropping text, images, videos, and quizzes.
  • Goalbook – Looking for a tool to manage an individual education program (IEP)? This collaborative, full-featured system includes everything you’ll need.

Want more? Check out these collections of apps created by members like you.

  • Teacher-Created Tools – Curious about edtech tools made by fellow educators? Here is a collection I put together. Please let me know if I’m missing anything!

Enjoy these great tools for educators!
– Mike Lee, Co-founder of edshelf

Again, Thank you  Mike for EdShelf and sharing the very best ideas and resources. 
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Screen Shot 2013-12-09 at 10.20.21 AMMike Lee at Ed Shelf has provided this nice list of  schedule organizers, homework reminders, collaborative groups, and study aids.

  • iStudiez – This iOS and Mac app for high school and university students keeps track of your class schedule, assignments, grades, and cumulative GPA.
  • inClass – Also for high school and university students, this iOS app keeps track of your class schedule, assignments, and notes in text, video, or audio form.
  • Piazza – A free website for university students to gather together, ask questions, receive class announcements, and engage in group discussions.
  • StudyRoom – Another free way for university students to gather together, ask questions, and collaborate online. Offered as an iOS app as well.
  • StudyBlue – Create flashcards with text, photos, and audio. Share them or track your score as you practice. Available as a web, iOS, or Android app.
  • Slader – Stuck on a particular problem in your textbook? Get unstuck by using this free website for high school students to find answers and explanations.
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Hi Cyndi Danner-Kuhn,A child’s imagination is a wondrous thing. With the right tools, you can ignite it and get a brilliant display. Some common activities include writing digital stories, videos, posters, etc. How about… creating a video game? From envisioning a virtual world to crafting characters, building a video game involves multiple subjects and skills. And the final result? Loads of pedagogical fun. Here are six notable video game creation tools for your students’ toolkits.

  • Penzu – Start by chronicling their creative journey with this digital journal. Works on both web and mobile. Free and paid classroom accounts are offered.
  • Dora’s Great Big World – Safe, immersive worlds like this one can serve as examples. This one includes games on literacy, math, and science.
  • Cat Physics – Thanks to Angry Birds, physics-based mobile app games have surged in popularity. Check out this teacher-approved game for inspiration.
  • PrimaryWall – Designing a whole new world means lots of details to track. Use this online sticky note service to help record and organize your thoughts.
  • Cloudup – Built by the LearnBoost team, this social file sharing service can also help you keep track of files, videos, music, and other digital assets.
  • Kodu Game Lab – Finally, put it all together into a PC or XBox game using this tool. Its simple visual programming language can create powerful worlds.
Enjoy these new additions!- Mike Lee, Co-founder of edshelf

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Dyane Smokorowski, of Andover and Kansas Teacher of the Year for 2013 does it again.  “Smoke” as we all call her, is always doing awesome things in her classroom and thankfully shares pretty much everything.

Now she has a Facebook site with lessons, resources, teaching ideas an more.  I encourage you to take a look.  I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Since today is talk like a pirate day, of course there is a Pirate lesson.

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Grant helps Idaho schools plug into online classes

Idaho will launch a pilot program in the fall, becoming the first state to partner with the Khan Academy to provide free, online access to math, physics and history classes. The program, to be implemented in 47 schools, is funded through a $1.5 million grant from the J.A. and Kathryn Albertson Foundation. “Idaho has the students, the schools and the determination to succeed in showing the nation how to innovate within our public education system,” said Jamie MacMillan, the foundation’s executive director.

Read the full story, KBOI-AM (Boise, Idaho)/The Associated Press (2/28)

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  • Mobile Apps & Curriculum for Your Class
  • Creating Narrated SlideShows and Screencasts
  • Meet Wolfram Alpha: Your New Best Math Friend
  • Introduction to Scratch
  • Getting Started with Interactive Digital Writing

Today I shared five different presentations for teachers in Yukon Public Schools in the district’s annual professional development conference. I recorded audio for each session and published them to my secondary podcast channel, “Fuel for Educational Change Agents.” Here are the session titles, descriptions, resource links, and podcast audio links. Of these five sessions, the only “brand new one” (which I’d never presented before) was the third session on Wolfram Alpha. If you’re just going to listen to one of these, that’s the one I’d recommend! Wolfram Alpha is MINDBLOWINGLY powerful and amazing. As co-founder Theodore Gray said in October at the Educause Conference in Denver, Wolfram Alpha has the potential to fundamentally change our relationship to computation and mathematics in the same way Google has (and continues to) change our relationship with information access.

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Cyndi Danner-Kuhn‘s insight:

E is for EXPLORE is a one stop resource for teachers and parents. We develop unique learning activities, and search the internet and compile additional great ideas from other sources. Our index helps you find what you need quickly and easily. Where we have posted ideas from other sources we provide easy links to those websites. Please visit those as well to see what else they have to offer. All E is for Explore activities conform to state common core curriculum standards.
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I have been reading Jordan’s Blog for a while now and learning from him.  I just downloaded his new Evernote Student Handbook and it is excellent. Worth every penny!  I have to admit I am looking forward to doing more with Evernote myself and with my pre-service teachers this semester.  I barely introduced it last semester.

I was slow in starting to use Evernote, had it on all my devices for quite some time before I started using.  And now I am hooked.  There are so many possibilities.  It is really helping me to be more organized and keep track of all the “stuff.”

If you are new to Evernote or still trying to figure out why and how to use Evernote, spend $4.99 and and dowload Jordan’s handbook, I am confident it will get your started and on your way to using Evernote successfully.

The Evernote Student Handbook– by

To help my junior high students get acclimated with using Evernote at school, I wrote this handbook as a step-by-step guide. At the beginning of the year, very few of my students were familiar with using Evernote, but now many of my students are independent users.

Because this handbook has helped my students (and especially their parents) learn to use Evernote for school, it’s now available for $4.99 as a PDF download.

To purchase the book, click here.

If you’d prefer, you may try a sample of the handbook here.

I definitely hope that you purchase the book, but if not, be sure to also download the ebook created from the handbook titled    19 Practical Evernote Ideas for Students.



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Occasionally, we have to toot our own horns and as educators we are pretty about doing it.  So here is my toot, I have had about 10 of these teachers/administrators in class when they were undergraduates at Fort Hays State University or Kansas State University.  I also had the honor of doing the professional development in Inman shortly after their iPad program began. So, I feel close to these teachers and this school and very proud to watch their success.  It really is

If you are thinking about a 1:1 technology program, Inman is the place to go visit or talk with about HOW to make it work.  To begin, watch this series of short videos (all under 5 minutes).  It will show you how this iPad 1:1 program  has succeeded from all points of view.  Also check out their website where they share what is going on, have discussion and help each other.

I also think it is important to mention the fact that the Superintendent, Kevin Case, is intimately involved.  In fact, I would say he knows as much about the iPad as the kids do.  He became the “principal teacher.”  He models what he expects, in other words, he does not expect his teachers to do anything he does not know how to do himself.  So he is not the kind of administrator that locks himself in his office and does whatever administrators do in their office.  He is out there in the trenches with the kids and teachers.


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Cloud storage of files is one of my favorite aspects of the modern Internet. Cloud storage services make it easy to access all of my important files from any computer and most mobile devices. And for students cloud storage eliminates the I forgot my flashdrive excuse for not having an assignment ready for class.

The potential problem with cloud storage, and any other online service for that matter, is having your account compromised. One way to make it more difficult for your account to be compromised is to enable two-step authentication.

Two-step authentication for a Google account requires entering a verification code that Google sends to your cell phone. Click here for directions or watch this video to learn more.
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With seemingly endless tools, uses, and resources, Google is a virtual powerhouse for all things learning. Of course, Google’s even better if you know how to step beyond the simple search box and take advantage of everything the search giant has to offer. That’s why we’re highlighting 52 different tricks that you can use this back-to-school season, whether you’re heading off to college or getting started on your online degree.

Check out the list, CLICK HERE

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Kevin Cummins, edgalaxy; Cool Stuff for Nerdy Teachers has had nearly 12,000 downloads in his Classroom Posters section of his blog.  This week he added three more sets…..

  1. Amazing Angles
  2. Daily News
  3. Days of the Week

Kevin says…..Download, Print, Share and Enjoy.

Take a look at his classroom Posters section to download the newest hi-res classroom posters.

Teachers, Kevin’s blog is just a wealth of resources and information.  I encourage you read edgalaxy regularly, I do!

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By Leila Meyer

ASCD has launched EduCore, a new, free digital tool to help educators transition to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) in mathematics and literacy. Funded by a grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, EduCore is a repository of resources for teachers that includes strategies, videos, and supporting documents for implementing CCSS in math and literacy.

EduCore’s Math Tools channel currently provides over 20 formative assessment math lessons and videos, including problem-solving and content-development formative assessments, aimed at the middle and high school level. The lessons were developed by the Shell Centre and cover subjects such as solving linear equations in two variables and apply angle theorems. EduCore also includes lesson plans, student materials, PowerPoint slides, and other materials to help teachers implement the CCSS math curriculum in their classrooms.

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See on Scoop.itTechnology in the Classroom , 1:1 Laptops & iPads and MORE

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by David Kapuler, Technology Tidbit:, Thoughts of a Cyber Hero

“A timeline is a kind of graphic design showing a long bar labeled with dates alongside itself and (usually) events labeled on points where they would have happened. It is used to show events along a period of time, and are often used in education to help students and researchers with understanding events and trends for a particular subject.” (Wikipedia)

Thanks David, Checkout the full list, CLICK HERE

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Moleskine designs high quality pens, notebooks, and accessory.I have a small notebook and have to admit love.  But they are a little pricey.  Every time I pass a rack, I am so tempted.  Anyway, Moleskine has teamed up with Evernote.  I love Evernote, it is my new addiction.  My goodness it is helping me get organized and keep track of things and it is all in one spot and on all my devices, laptop, iPad, iPhone, etc.  Same stuff everywhere.

One of the things the app does is let you photograph your paper notes and add them to Evernote, which is very cool, especially when you consider the OCR abilities of Evernote.

But, this new notebook improves that feature. The pages of the notebook are covered in a pattern of dots which are designed so that the app can use them to correct for the distortion from by the camera.

Amazing!!! And that’s not all, each notebook has special stickers. After you upload a page of notes, the app recognizes the stickers and associates them with one of your predefined tags. So if you haven’t been tagging everything in Evernote (like me), it is time to start.

The new notebook is priced at $30 is scheduled to ship in early October. But the price includes a free trial to Evernote Premium. There is a code in the back good for 3 free months of service . The Premium Evernote account is $40 a year normally, this will give you more upload capacity, more sharing options, access to note history, faster image recognition, top priority support, offline notebooks, PIN lock, and much more.  I actually pay for the Premium account and find it worth every penny.

I have already placed my pre-order for $24.95.

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The Resource for Education Technology Leaders focusing on K-12 educators. With the start of school right around the corner, I decided to revisit a post I’ve done on sites for educational games. This list, presented in alphabetical order, has a nice mix of subjects and grade levels that teachers can use with their students.
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See on Scoop.itTechnology in the Classroom , 1:1 Laptops & iPads and MORE