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More ways than ever to clearly communicate your ideas.

Mark up PDF documents with Skitch


Annotate a PDF

Drag PDFs into Skitch and start annotating them with arrows, shapes, text and stamps.

Easily navigate PDF annotations

Bringing PDFs into Skitch opens up a clean new interface, allowing you to quickly view and scroll through the pages of your document. You can even filter to view only annotated pages.

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Web research on the iPad using Evernote and Skitch (how-to)

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Summary: The iPad is a great tool for doing web research, especially when used with Evernote and Skitch. Here is how I do it on a daily basis.

My work involves frequent research on the web, and I am doing more of that on the iPad than ever before. This is mainly due to two apps that make capturing information as easy as tapping on the screen. The two apps, Evernote and Skitch, work well together since both of them are now produced by the Evernote Corp.

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Express yourself with fewer words, emails and meetings…with Skitch for iPad! Use shapes, arrows, sketches and text annotation to get your point across fast. Mark up photos, screenshots, maps, and webpages then share them with anyone you like.


Evernote is an easy-to-use, free app that helps you remember everything across all of the devices you use. Stay organized, save your ideas and improve productivity. Evernote lets you take notes, capture photos, create to-do lists, record voice reminders–and makes these notes completely searchable, whether you are at home, at work, or on the go.



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Express yourself with fewer words, emails and meetings…with Skitch for iPad! Use shapes, arrows, sketches and text annotation to get your point across fast. Mark up photos, screenshots, maps, and webpages then share them with anyone you like.
Skitch lets you:
– Annotate: Add arrows, shapes and text to existing images
– Create: Draw something new
- Edit: Reposition, recolor and remove your annotations at will
– Share: Send your sketches and annotations over Twitter and email
– Present: Show your work in real time via AirPlay on Apple TV
– Remember: Save everything to Evernote for later

Use Skitch to:
– Sketch and share
– Point out objects and locations in a photo
– Brainstorm design ideas with your team
– Identify a point of interest on a map
– Annotate a screenshot of your awesome high score
– Have fun!

Skitch is part of the Evernote family of apps designed to help you remember everything.


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I love this post by Royan Lee of  The Spicey Learning Blog, a new discovery via a diigo group.  Last week in my pre-service educators class a student was a bit miffed that we would not be learning how to use a interactive whiteboard.  of course that is difficult to teach when you don’t have access to an interactive whiteboard in the room you are assigned to teach, but, aside for that problem, I an not really overall concerned that I don;t have access. I think they are cool, true, but as this blog post demonstrated, that are other way to accomplish the task.

I love Royan’s graphic…..Evernote + Skitch + mobile = NO MONEY and Interactive whiteboad and documents camera equals at least $2500.  That is a no-brainer in my book. Of course, being the Mac person I am, I absolutely love his disclaimer:

“Disclaimer: What I am about to describe can only really be done on a Mac right now because Skitch is currently unavailable for PC (this is apparently changing soon).”

“This is not an argument measuring the pedagogical value of Interactive White Boards, although it may invariably lead your mind down that road (if you’re interested in that discussion, I suggest you add your two cents to Pernille Ripp‘s great post questioning their merit). Rather, it is about two things few people can argue against:”

I encourage you to read Royan’s post, it is worth you time for sure, especially if you or your district is considering investing tons of $$$$ in equipment that may not be necessary. Read the full story, CLICK HERE

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Wesley Fryer showed Dean Mantz and I a great little screen capture type program called Skitch.  I had been using Command > Shift > 4 on the Mac forever.

Skitch lets you do annotations, save in a variety of formats, take snapshots with your webcam, highlight a region and more. You can save to your Skitch account or to Flickr, MobileMe, FTP, SFTP, and WebDAV. But it is also possible to  just drag the image to your desktop.  How easy is that?

In addition to the screen capture thing, import your own photos and do all kinds of cool stuff.

The annotation feature is quite nice and will be very useful.  I am always writing instructions for my students and adding annotations to the actual screen capture will be extremely helpful.  Wesley Fryer annotates screen captures frequently and now, I can do that too, Whoo Hoo!!

Of course, it is a FREE tool, but like most things they do have a paid side. Wesley indicated he is still using the FREE version, so I am sure I can survive with FREE.

An introduction to what Skitch is, presented by your friendly Skitch Bear. What can the Skitch desktop application and do your you? Watch and find out!