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divideThis should make any teacher really happy and especially for Math and Science.  I know many of us have been bothered that it is not easy to add the ÷ on an iOS device. Here is one way you can do this.

If a teacher only has an iOS device…
1. Add the Japanese Kana keyboard.
2. Open up Notes or Pages on your iOS device.
3. Find and type the ÷ sign in Notes or Pages using the Japanese Kana keyboard.
4. Highlight and Copy the ÷ sign.
5. Go to Settings —> General —> Keyboard —> Shortcuts.
6. Create a new Shortcut and Paste the ÷ sign in Phrase.
7. In Shortcut type dv (or any text you choose for the shortcut field).
8. Anytime you type dv you will have a choice to tap the space bar and insert the ÷ symbol.
9. Delete the Japanese Kana keyboard.

If a teacher has a Mac and an iOS device with access to e-mail….

1. Have the teacher create an e-mail on their Mac.
2. Add the ÷ sign to the body of the e-mail. (Option /)
3. Send e-mail to their iPad e-mail account.
4. Open the e-mail and follow steps 4-8

If a teacher has a Mac and an iOS device with the same iCloud account and are using Notes and/or Pages

1. Create a Note or Pages document on the Mac with a ÷ sign. (Option /)
2. Open Notes or Pages on the iPad. (Assuming that iCloud is being used by one or both of these Apps)
3. Follow steps 4-8 from the top set of instructions.
There are other symbols like π, ©, or even  ( option > shift > k). Now, if  you have a trick, add it to comments!
Thanks to my friend Paul T. for this tip!!


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Back in 2009, we published 100+ Google Tricks That Will Save You Time in School. But in nearly three years, Google has developed new products, discontinued a few, and offered new features, and more people have found great ways to save time with Google. So we’ve gone and found even more great tips for saving time with Google, and this time around, the list has made it all the way to 181 different tricks. Explore our collection of tricks to find new, faster ways to search, read email, manage your time, and more.

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Forgetting a password to any service is frustrating, especially if you’re itching to download the latest Angry Birds update. But when it comes to your Apple ID, it’s actually very simple to change or reset your password on your iOS device.

Here’s how to do it.First, open up the App Store and tap on the ‘Featured’ tab (if you’re not already in the Featured section). Now scroll to the bottom of the page and tap on your Apple ID, or the ‘Sign In’ button.

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Posted by Mrs Kathleen Morris on Wednesday, August 17th 2011

This post was originally published last year as 10 Blogging Tips for Students and Teachers.

As I regularly help students and other teachers set up their blogs, I find myself giving lots of little tips that I have picked up on my own blogging journey.

My list of tips keeps expanding and I thought it was timely to republish an updated version of this post.

Many of these ideas have originally come from some of my blogging “mentors” such as Linda Yollis and Sue Waters.

Here are 10 15 Blogging Tips for Students and Teachers

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It’s getting to be that time of year. Your chances of seeing school supply commercials have increased exponentially. Kids are breaking out last year’s Elmer’s in anticipation of glorious glue feasts. Teens are cramming their entire summer reading into the last week of August. Yep, it’s back to school time, folks.

One thing that makes back to school a tad less stressful? Tech, of course! What did you think we were going to say — studying? Pssssh.

Take a gander below at these tech tools, apps, social media and parenting tips that will ease you or your kid into another school year. Here are Mashable‘s best education-related posts from the past year! Enjoy, you teacher’s pet, you.

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  • Education Tips & Stats
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1. Open websites in a New Page: Rather than just tap the link, press and hold it until you see an option to Open in New Page, choose and Safari will open a new window.

2.  Manage Open Pages in Safari: To manage the pages you have open or to return to a previously visited site, look at the browser window bar and find the icon that looks like two overlapping boxes.  Clicking on the icon opens a screen that shows you all the pages you have recently opened. Tap any of the X buttons to close website.

3. Turn on AutoFill in Safari: First make sure all your details are saved in Contacts, choose Settings, then choose Safari, click AutoFill and set both options to On and select your file from Contacts in the My Info field.

4. Make Use of the Home Button: The iPad’s Home button will take you to your homepage (first screen) if pressed once, but it has more functions. To set the other functions, go to Settings, press General, then choose Home. Select which function you’d like a double press of the button to be; open Spotlight Search or access iPod. From this area of Settings you can also set iPod Controls to On, which will mean when you have music playing and you’re in another program or app, a double press of the Home button will bring up the basic music controls.

5. Add a Website Shortcut to Your Home Screen: Open the website you need a shortcut for, tap the + sign at the top of the page and select Add to Home Screen. This will then create a shortcut icon with one-click access to your most-used sites.  Looks like an app, but in reality a shortcut to the website.

6. Change how you turn pages in iBooks: The iBooks app’s swipe-to-turn the page function is really nice, but….as shortcut is to tap the left margin top turn. Open Settings, then under the AppsApps section, press iBooks, then Tap Left Margin and make sure Next Page is checked, which will change it from the default option — the previous page.

7. A Space Bar Trick: Not sure this is very useful, but interesting none-the-less. The spacebar will create as many spaces as there are fingers on it, so one finger will produce one space, two fingers two spaces and three fingers, three spaces.

9. Download the iPad User Guide eBook: Yes, you can download the official Apple iPad User Guide as an eBook? It is a Safari pre-loaded bookmark, but you have to have internet access to use the Safari bookmarked version. For offline access to the guide, just download it free from the iBooks store. Search for iPad. It is very handy.

  • A MUST HAVE for every iPad user!
  • iPad Tips App for 99¢ is worth the price and more. A Learn all there is to know about the iPad. Everything from reviewing basic features from the iPhone, to completely new advanced topics for the iPad, this app has got it all! The beautifully designed interface, made specifically for the large, high-resolution iPad screen, is sure to keep you interested! Some of the tips included: -How to get 30,000 free eBooks–How to lock the screen orientation–How to instantly scroll to the top of a webpage–How to install a bookmarks bar in the built in Safari app–And MANY more!

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