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Another option for watching youtube videos without all the distraction is Watchkin,, and operates in much the same way as Watch YouTube videos without comments, ads, or other distractions.

What is Watchkin?

Watchkin is a site devoted to letting people have more control over their youtube viewing experience. We do the following things:

  • Clean up the video page so you only have to see the video, and not all the surrounding text and images, comments and ads.
  • Get rid of all the thumbnail images on the search results by default, thus avoiding inappropriate or potentially offensive content.
  • Offer Watchkin Smart Mode filtering, which allows for safer viewing of videos for families, and lets users have input to fine tune the filtering.

How does it work?

When someone shares a youtube video with you, just copy and paste the url into the search box above and you’ll be taken to a clean page to watch your video without all the distractions of a normal youtube page — no videos on the side of the page or at the end of the video.

Even easier ways are to use the Auto-Redirect Addon, or the bookmarklet, as mentioned below.

Here’s an example of Bill Nye the Science Guy, come on……who doesn’t like Bill talking about Dinosaurs!

Many schools are beginning  to open up Youtube, but reluctantly! This may be a good option to helping in that fight teachers have with IT staff about letting them have access to Youtube with kids.  I encourage you to check out Watchkin. There really is no ready they should say NO to this method of “filtering.”

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YoutubeKIDSAt long last, Google has released a version of YouTube designed  exclusively for kids, YouTube Kids.  I tried it on my iPad, and then let my grandkids give it a try.  Looks like nice way to use YouTube with kids because you can turn off the ability to search, and even set a timer to limit the time used.  All videos that are current, have no profanity and nothing inappropriate comes up when trying to search for something not acceptable for kids.  Pretty good start for Google on this one.

Check out YouTube Kids for your iPad here!!!

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Published on Sep 15, 2014 You can use Keynote to build a simple multi-page website. When you export as HTML, the resulting files can be uploaded to a web host. To make a presentation behave like a website, you need to create buttons and link them to other slides. You can also turn off regular presentation navigation and add other web and email links. Sites created this way are relatively basic, but can be updated easily.


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Published on Mar 27, 2013

In 1998, in Uniontown Kansas, high school teacher Norm Conard and a handful of students stumbled across an unknown hero from the holocaust, Irena Sendler. A research project intended for the classroom soon sparked the interest of the world, and forever changed the lives of everyone involved. This is the Kansas side of the story.

K-state College of Education graduate Sabrina Murphy shares in her experiences with Mr. Conard and project member Megan Felt. For more information about the Irena Sendler Project please visit

All images were used by permission from:
The Lowell Milken Center and Yad Vashem
Music licensed through Premium Beat and the Vimeo music store:
Dan Phillipson
Emmett Cooke
Kerry Muzzey
Olive Musique

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Facing shrinking enrollment and in danger of closing its doors, in 2007, the Newton (KS) School District reestablished Newton as a public charter school. Bolstered by Charter School Program funds from the U.S. Department of Education, the Walton 21st Century Rural Life Center became the first public school in the nation to completely incorporate agriculture into its elementary classrooms and curricula.

Wow, this is just amazing, Kudoo’s to this Walton Rural, a Kansas School.  My kids are grown now and hopefully will be starting their own families in the near future.  I would love my grand kids to attend a school like this one.   They are in the 5% of schools in Kansas.  Test scores prove it.  I think more schools should take a lesson from Walton. School does not have to be boring, real life experience is a good ticket to success. Let’s get on board. Of course every school would not have to use Ag as their focus, although it does seem very practical as a life skill.

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Blubbr is a free website that makes it possible for you to create and play trivia games with embedded videos

This resource was shared by Clif  Mims on his blog, Clif Notes for Today

Blubbr is a free website that makes it possible for you to create and play trivia games with embedded videos. Blubbr calls the games trivs. You can play trivs in different categories, from celebs and music to sport and education. Click on the image below to play a sample triv now.

Educational Connections
Here are a few ideas that might be useful to teachers and students.

  • You and your students can create trivs focused on the unit you’re currently studying.
  • Students can develop a triv focused on personal interests and then extend that into research, writing, journaling, etc.
  • It can be a useful strategy for pre-testing, review and as a study guide.
  • Trivs can be an engaging alternative strategy for book reports, science presentations, social studies reports, and more.
  • Allowing students to design quizzes puts them in the role of the teacher. This technique can encourage higher-order thinking.
  • You and your students can create trivs to introduce yourselves at the beginning of the year.
  • Developing trivs can be a fun way for students to reflect on a novel, science unit, historical event, poetry, or the highlights of their school year.

You can challenge your students and their families by sharing trivs on your website, via email, through social networks, or by sharing the links in your print-based newsletter.

Read the full story from Clif Notes for Today, Click Today

Thanks Clif for this great find!

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by Posted by of MacMost

Keynote can be used to create simple animation. You can use the Magic Move transition to animate objects and move them to different positions on the screen. You can also use transitions to create simple movement and special effects. You can use these in your Keynote presentations, or export them to video file to use in iMovie.

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A video made by 8th graders as a creative protest to Mrs. Obama’s Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act. School lunches never made us fat! Now we’re brown-bagging it…

Hey everyone,

Please go to link and watch the boys’ video, “We’re Hungry and You Know It.” Not perfect but they worked so hard on it …and it’ s pretty clever! I had absolutely nothing to do with it…Zachary and Tristen (8th graders) really ran the show and saw this project to completion.  They need lots of views so share with your friends!

I’m a little bit excited since this is our first iMovie attempt, AND the very first time I’ve ever posted to youtube!  In case you weren’t aware, our students have been working on a protest against the federally mandated reduction of calories in school lunches. They have been bringing sack lunches to school since August, have written letters to state representatives, emailed the White House, and have received recognition by mail, local news, and some national syndicates who have called the school and picked up the story. They’d like to keep the momentum of the movement going, so please help by spreading the word.

Lynette Brittain
St. Mark School
MS Lang. Arts & Technology
Sent from my iPad

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The launch of teachem, a free teaching platform that allows anyone to turn YouTube videos into online classes. This is great tool for universities, teachers, companies, or experts of any kind to share their expertise in their own private school. Below are a few examples of classes that can be created from the platform.
The Presidential Debate
Steve Job’s Standford Commencement
Teachem – Another Way to Comment on Educational Videos

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Heart Rate Camera is an innovative iOS app that measures your heart rate using your iOS device’s camera with no contact.  Utilizing a number of advanced algorithms, our app will automatically detect the user’s face and calculate his or her heart rate in a matter of seconds.  No need to orient your face into a tiny, unwieldy box.  Heart Rate Camera was ranked as high as #38 in the iPad Health & Fitness category. Heart Rate Camera has the following features:

  • Face recognition.
  • 7-day and 30-day history.
  • Share screen shot of heart rate reading via Twitter or email. [optional]
  • Facebook sharing.
  • Clean interface.

Heart Rate Camera is available for $2.99 on the iTunes Store.  Included are links to the developers webpage as well as a YouTube promo and demo videos.
YouTube Promo

YouTube Demo

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Fla. teachers take to YouTube to encourage studying
A special-education teacher and a high-school English teacher in Florida have created a back-to-school song — posted on YouTube — encouraging students to study. The song, “Study Maybe,” was set to the tune of Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe” and encourages students to “give it your all.” “If you get up in front of the room and preach to them they’re going to tune you out,” said special-education teacher Heather Kay. “But if you put it in a song maybe the message will sink in.” Orlando Sentinel (Fla.) (8/30)

The teachers at Tavares High School in Florida created a welcome video for their 2012-2013 students.

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This post could be almost infinite: there is most certainly an extraordinary array of options for videos which expand educators’ understandings and inspire advances in 21st century learning. …
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See on Scoop.itTechnology in the Classroom , 1:1 Laptops & iPads and MORE

A parody music video promoting agriculture! If you like it, feel free to share it with your friends! No copyright infringement of original song “I’m Sexy and…

These brothers are from Western Kansas…..

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See on Scoop.itTechnology in the Classroom , 1:1 Laptops & iPads and MORE

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Here are my choices for The Best Places To Learn About (And View Video Clips Of) Teachers In the Movies (I generally only included sites that also had video clips, though I’ve also included several good commentaries, too):
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See on Scoop.itTechnology in the Classroom , 1:1 Laptops & iPads and MORE

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21st Century Education
This video was produced by the New Brunswick Department of Education to stimulate discussion among educators and other stakeholders in public education in the province of New Brunswick. The 21st Century presents unique challenges for education worldwide. In order to keep pace with global change we must focus on 21st Century Skills and public education must adapt to keep students engaged. Rigor and relevance are key,

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A site that invites world class speakers to share their ideas through video lectures. These follow a similar format to TED lectures.

here are three important questions that distinguish a Solve for X talk.

  • Does it highlight a huge problem?
  • Is there a concrete solution that could make a radical impact?
  • Does it explain breakthrough science and technology that could enable this solution?

We hope our Solve for X speakers inspire people to work on solutions to seemingly insurmountable problems. We selected speakers who answered the three Solve for X questions particularly well or are finding a way to drive Solve for X thinking.

Most of the speakers are working hard on making their <x> a reality. Others are giving proposals for moonshot projects but have no current plans to tackle them. Perhaps you and a small team can build on these proposals and make them a reality.

Check it out: